Pr.Bouamra: “British variant spreading rapidly, third wave looming large”

Covid-19: Latest figures in Algeria, July 03rd

“The third wave of the Coronavirus is looming large due to the rapid spread of its British variant, aggravated by a serious relaxation in compliance with preventive barrier measures against the virus”, warned Professor Abderrezak Bouamra, head of the epidemiology department at Tipasa hospital.

Speaking to the local radio station of Sétif, Pr Bouamra revealed that the hospitals of Algiers, Blida, Tipasa and other large cities of the country are experiencing saturation of their Covid-19 services and that the majority of hospital patients arrive in a worrying situation.

For him, Algeria is facing indicators heralding the outbreak of the third wave of the Coronavirus, thus, not excluding the resort to lockdown measures.

On a related note, Professor Bouamra stressed that no case of the highly contagious Indian variant has yet been recorded among the Algerian population.



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