Legislative polls: Independents create surprise, become second political force


Legislative polls: Independents create surprise, become second political force
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Legislative polls: Independents create surprise, become second political force
ALGIERS – The National Liberation Front (FLN) party has taken the lead in the 12 June legislative elections while the independents created the surprise by becoming the second political force in the country. The results achieved by independents are unprecedented in Algeria.

With the announcement of the preliminary elections by the Independent National Authority for Elections on Tuesday, the picture became clearer regarding the future National People’s Assembly in its ninth legislature, which will be marked by no absolute majority.

The National Liberation Front party won 105 seats, followed by the independents who claimed 78 seats, for the first time in the history of the country’s Parliament.

The results of the June 12 elections announced on Tuesday (though provisional until the Constitutional Council’s confirmation) have brought new parliamentary landscape.

The “old” National Liberation Front party which obtained 161 seats (out of a total of 462) in the former People’s National Assembly has seen its share decline to 105 seats.

According to observers, such a decline reflects the “political loss” of the FLN party, even if the party maintains the first place in terms of seats.

The real surprise came from the independents, announced by many analysts and experts as the force which would dominate the future National People’s Assembly.

By elections, the independents winning 78 seats will inevitably produce a change in the traditional balance of power.

President of the Republic has committed to funding the campaign of independent candidates under 40 years in attempt to eliminate corrupt money from politics.

Moreover, the Movement of the Society for Peace (MSP) kept its 3rd position, as in the previous legislative elections (as part of its alliance with the Front for Change party). The MSP party its seats obtained from 34 to 64 seats.

With 57 seats, the National Democratic Rally party (RND) failed to preserve the number of seats obtained during the previous legislative elections (100 seats in previous legislative elections).

The previously dominant parties who won the parliamentary majority in the past are content now to share most of the seats with the independents.

In this new legislature, the Lower House will carry out its missions with a different composition, marked by the emergence of political parties which will weight on the main policies of the Government.

Parties have emerged like the El Moustakbal (the Future) party which has won 48 seats and the El Bina Movement party which obtained 40 seats.

The presence of other newly approved parties is also noticeable, such as the People’s Voice Party (PVP) which won three seats, while other parties have zero seats such as Tajamoue Amel El Djazair (TAJ).



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