Algerian President Tebboune gives interview to “Al Jazeera” channel, here are main declarations-Videos

President Tebboune gives interview to "Al Jazeera" channel, here are main declarations-Videos

ALGIERS- President of the Republic, Abdelmadji Tebboune, gave interview to the Qatari channel “Al Jazeera.” The interview was broadcast Tuesday evening.

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, gave an interview to the Qatari TV channel “Al-Jazeera,” broadcasted Tuesday evening, and in which the president addressed national, regional and Arab issues, including the Libyan crisis and the Palestinian question.

The interview was conducted by Algerian journalist Abdelkader Ayadh, added the same source.

President Tebboune further referred, in the interview, to the authentic blessed Hirak movement which “saved Algeria from a real disaster that almost destroyed the State.”

Regarding the Libyan crisis, the President of the Republic recalled Algeria’s position which “rejects the idea that Tripoli would become the first African and Maghreb capital occupied by mercenaries,” adding that Algeria “would have intervened in one way or another” and “will not remain idle.”

“When Algeria said that Tripoli was a red line, it really was and those concerned got the message,” he said.

Regarding the Palestinian question, President Tebboune stressed that “the position of Algeria is constant and unchanging.”

Recalling the agreement endorsed by the Arab League which is based on the “land for peace” principle that provides for the establishment of a Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital, he said that “today there is unfortunately neither peace nor land,” so what is “the purpose of normalization,” he wondered.

Here are the main axes of the interview:

Internally, the President of the Republic affirmed that “the authentic blessed Hirak saved the Algerian state from decay”.

“Algeria was under the control of the ‘issaba’ (band) which stole and transferred hundreds of billions of dollars abroad.” The latter “wanted to exploit the illness of the former president Abdelmadjid Tebboune to seize power for another five years,” said President Tebboune.

Referring to corruption, he said that “its magnitude is so important that we continue to this day to discover its apparent and hidden ramifications”, adding that “the import monopoly was in the hands of about fifty people, who had absolute power to decide who could invest in Algeria “.

President Tebboune underlined, in this sense, that the Algerian justice “seized and recovered for the benefit of the Public Treasury all the goods known to the ‘issaba'”, adding that “Algeria works in concert with the friendly countries in Europe and around the world to discover the embezzled assets, and therefore to recover them “.

For President Tebboune, “13 million Algerians saved Algeria from the 5th term and the extension of the 5th, and Algeria was able, thanks to the conscience of the people, to get out of the danger zone”. Algeria, he said, “experienced the 1st Arab Spring after the events of October 1988”.

On the political side, Mr. Tebboune indicated that “Algeria has irreparably rid itself of ideological Islam” and that “the Islamist current active in Algeria is different from the Islamist currents in other countries”.

He considered, moreover, that “thanks to its pacifism, the authentic Hirak emerged victorious under the protection of the security services and the army,” noting, however, that “the parties behind the recent marches were unknown and these demonstrations are not unified in terms of demands or slogans “. “Fifty Algerian wilayas have not recorded any march lately,” he pointed out.

“The relationship between the Presidency and the Army is a very natural relationship”, maintained Mr. Tebboune, affirming that “the Algerian army is a constitutional institution which sanctifies the Constitution of the State”.

Regarding the Palestinian question, President Tebboune maintained that “Algeria’s position is constant, imprescriptible and immutable”.

Recalling the agreement concluded within the framework of the Arab League on the basis of the principle of “land for peace” which provides for the establishment of the State of Palestine as a prerequisite for peace, he stressed that ” Unfortunately today there is neither peace nor land ”, hence, the usefulness of standardization.

“Algeria carries the torch of Palestine, Western Sahara and the oppressed peoples”. It is for this reason that they want to silence our voice, but “it will not happen”, he assured.

“Algeria enjoys stability thanks to the strength of its Army” and “whoever said that Algeria will fall after Syria is wrong,” he continued.

As long as relations with neighboring Morocco are concerned, President Tebboune declared: “we have no problem with Morocco, it is Morocco which has a problem with us”.

The question of Western Sahara has been in the hands of the UN Commission on Decolonization for four (4) decades. The United Nations considers Western Sahara to be a colony.

“We had in the past good relations with Morocco and the borders were open despite the Western Sahara issue,” he said, reaffirming Algeria’s constant position with regard to Western Sahara. “We do not accept a fait accompli whatever the circumstances,” he argued.

Concerning the Libyan crisis, the President of the Republic recalled that Algeria refused that Tripoli “fall into the hands of mercenaries”, adding that “it was ready to intervene in one way or another to prevent its fall “.

“When we said that Tripoli was a red line, we did it knowingly and those concerned got the message”, he pointed out, recalling the position of Algeria which called, at the Berlin Conference , to the holding of general elections in Libya under the aegis of the United Nations.

“The Libyan brothers demanded that Libyan reconciliation be done in Algeria, and this was confirmed by the head of the government of national unity in Libya during his last visit to Algeria,” Tebboune recalled.

Stressing that the instability of Libya has had repercussions on the situation in Mali and the Sahel, President Tebboune referred to “caravans loaded with heavy and light weapons spotted by satellites in the direction of the Sahel region without being intercepted. ”

“Such acts were intended to surround Algeria to facilitate its infiltration and that is why we are working to further strengthen our army”, added Mr. Tebboune who specified that the latest military maneuvers were aimed at “ensuring the state readiness in case of any emergency “.

Regarding relations with France, President Tebboune mentioned the existence, in France, of three lobbies, explaining that “the first is that of the former settlers who left Algeria after independence and transmitted their resentment to their descendants , the second is the extension of the French Secret Army and the third, includes Algerians who have chosen to support France “.

Regarding the editorial of the French daily Le Monde dedicated to Algeria, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune said that the proverb which says, “Be generous to a mean person and he’s rebel on you” applies to it, explaining “Le Monde’s daily was banned in Algeria, and since the departure of its founder, Hubert Beuve-Méry, it has completely deviated.” He indicated in this regard that he was the one who returned this newspaper to Algeria,” but it “bit the hand that reached out to it, by spreading lies, because Algeria is not the one that Le Monde daily talks about.”



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