Algerian virtual waste exhibition: 170-plus exhibitors take part in 2nd edition

Algiers- More than 170 Algerian and foreign exhibitors will take part, this Saturday, in the 2nd edition of the Algerian virtual exhibition on waste management, organized under the theme of the circular economy in Africa and investment opportunities.


ALGIERS- More than 170 Algerian and foreign exhibitors will take part from Saturday in the 2nd Algerian Virtual Waste Exhibition, organized under the theme “circular economy in Africa and investment opportunities,” said the National Waste Agency (AND) on Friday.

The 2nd edition of the Algerian virtual waste exhibition, entitled “The Algerian virtual waste exhibition-AVWE”, which will be organized on the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5) and running from 5 to Current June 7 aims “to encourage investment in the field of waste recovery at the level of the African continent”, indicated the National Waste Agency (AND), in a press release.

Presence of several countries including South Korea, Austria, Italy, France and Germany:

This event, co-organized by the AND and the Federation of Congolese Enterprises under the aegis of the Minister of the Environment, Dalila Boudjemaa, will see the participation of several countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Tunisia, Niger, Ghana, Mauritania, Benin, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Austria, Italy, France, Germany and many more countries , according to the AND.

Affirming that this AVWE virtual fair is an opportunity to exchange experience in terms of expertise, partnership and investment between African countries, while opening up to new technologies adopted on a global scale, the ‘AND invites all professionals in the waste management sector, speakers, journalists and anyone interested in the theme to live this unique experience by becoming the actors of the “AVWE” Show.

And For more information, the AND invites those interested to consult the following link:

Over 250 million tonnes of municipal waste are produced annually in Africa

According to the AND, more than 250 million tonnes of municipal waste are produced annually in Africa, of which only 4% is recovered, representing a shortfall worth $ 8 billion.

Regarding Algeria, the AND recalled that the country produces 13 million tons of household waste each year with a market value of 94 million DA, adding that plastic alone could generate more than 60 billion of DA and no less than 7600 direct jobs.



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