Western Sahara: Spanish court rejects custody for Sahrawi President Brahim Ghali


Spain’s High Court turned down on Tuesday a request for Saharwi President, Brahim Ghali, to be taken into custody, saying that the plaintiffs in the alleged crimes case have not provided evidence showing his responsibility, according to Reuters.

Spain’s High Court on Tuesday turned down a request for Western Sahara President Brahim Ghali to be taken into custody, saying the plaintiffs in a war crimes case against him had failed to provide evidence he had committed any crime.

The Sahrawi Presidency stated in a statement today, quoted by Sahara Press Service (SPS) that the Sahrawi President, Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, decided today, Tuesday, in Madrid, to “fully cooperate” with the Spanish National Court and to respond “voluntarily” to its questions related to alleged accusations.

The Sahrawi Presidency affirmed that the decision of President Ghali’s to “fully cooperation” with the Spanish judiciary on any basis reflects the will of the Sahrawi people and their leadership in upholding the truth and adhering to the principles of justice.”

The presidency considered also that this “voluntary step despite the status, the responsibility and the position, proves to the enemy that he will never succeed in continuously falsifying the facts and usurping the Sahrawi people, who is in his right, and adhere to justice and legitimacy”



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