Covid-19: Epidemiological situation in Algeria alarming, third wave looming large


ALGIERS- A member of the Scientific Committee of the outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus supervision, Riad Mahiaoui, described today, Friday, the health situation in Algeria as “worrisome” due to “the resurgence of the number of infections,” and expected that the country would “enter a third wave” of the pandemic “if the number of infections continues to rise.

Riad Mahiaoui warned Algerians against “inaction and disrespecting preventive measures from this pandemic,” stressing upon his arrival as a guest on the “This Morning” program on Channel Three News, that “the high number of infections in the country during the recent period is mainly caused by the lack of respect for the preventive measures, especially those related to the compulsory wearing of a protective mask and social distancing in public spaces and means of transportation.

In this regard, Mahiaoui described the health situation as “alarming and that the country may enter a third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic if the number of infections continues to rise,” noting that Algeria “was comfortable during the past weeks when the number of new infections was in the range of 100 cases, but recently the number doubled, reaching nearly 300 cases, and this is a worrying escalation”.

As for the spread of mutated strains of the Coronavirus, Mahiaoui emphasized that the scientific committee and public authorities “are working to limit the spread of these new, more dangerous strains, especially after the emergence of the Indian one alongside the British and Nigerian ones,” adding that in addition to the awareness campaigns to prevent this epidemic, “vaccination remains the only solution to eliminate the Coronavirus, thus achieving group immunity by about 70 percent”.

On the other hand, he explained that progress in the process of vaccinating Algerians from this virus “depends on providing the necessary quantities of vaccines to which the global demand has increased,” noting that “the Algerian state is in constant contact with various laboratories of the vaccine industry in world in order to obtain additional quantities, which will gradually arrive in our country soon.”



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