Algeria’s ambassador to Paris responds to fallacies by magazine “Jeune Afrique” regarding Sahrawi issue


Algeria’s ambassador to France, Mohamed Antar Daoud, affirmed today, Monday, that Algeria’s unswerving support for the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination stems from its historical path that was marked by the recovery of independence after a long and glorious national liberation war.

In an explanation addressed to the publishing department of the weekly magazine “Jeune Afrique”, regarding the infographics published in the issue 3100 for the current month of May, under the title: “The Polisario Front: A Republic Under the Sand,” Mr. Antar Daoud recalled that “Algeria’s unswerving support for the peoples under the yoke of occupation and their right to self-determination, notably the Palestinian and the Sahrawi causes, stems from its historical path, which was marked by the recovery of independence after a long and glorious national liberation war, which allowed the Algerian people to exercise their right to self-determination.

The diplomat denounced the contents of the introductory text of this infographic, which alludes that like Mauritania, Algeria is an “interested and irrelevant” party which supports a failed cause, as it described the prospects for the independence of Western Sahara “a mirage.”

The ambassador also indicated that the editor used a map of the African continent that integrates the territories of Western Sahara within the international borders of the Kingdom of Morocco, which contradicts the facts established by international legality and law.

In this regard, Mr. Antar Daoud added, “The editorial line of your magazine, which is known to everyone for not supporting the process of decolonization of the non-self-governed territories of Western Sahara, and the right of the Sahrawi people to exercise their right to self-determination, as stipulated in the relevant Security Council resolutions and the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, the media profession requires objectivity and accuracy with regard to the use of the supports, especially the geographical maps that must reflect the internationally recognized borders.

The Algerian ambassador to France recalled, in this respect, that the territories of the Kingdom of Morocco and Western Sahara are distinct and separate, a fact confirmed by various international and regional bodies, such as the International Court of Justice of the African Union and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Consequently, he adds, “any representation that does not take this reality into account, would mislead the reader.”

The diplomat was astonished at how the magazine “Jeune Afrique”, the African-spirited media outlet, went ahead with – supporting – the Moroccan occupation that tramples on one of the founding principles of the African Union and the United Nations, which is the right of peoples to enjoy independence.

Finally, he stressed that this clarification “has no other goal than the desire to provide complete information, based on factual data that cannot be refuted, and that would allow an exchange of views on the nature of this issue related to the last colony in Africa.”

Antar Daoud said: “I remain convinced that you will take into account in the future, this information, which I consider neutral and objective, which makes it possible not only to ensure reliable and true information for the readers, but also to avoid misleading public opinion by using distorted explanatory supports that do not reflect the reality of the conflict.”



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