Port of Oran: Exports more than doubled in first quarter of 2021


ALGIERS- The Enterprise of the Port of Oran recorded an increase of more than a double in the volume of exports, that is by 100.78 percent in the first quarter of the current year compared to the same period last year, according to the Statistics Authority of the same port enterprise.

The same source indicated that during the first three months of this year, 278,268 tons of various goods were exported through the port of Oran, compared to 133,285 tons during the same period of 2020, which represents an increase of 144,983 tons.

This leap is due to the increase of “clinker” cement exports by about 5 folds, from 31,200 tons during the first quarter of 2020 to 173,357 tons during the same period of the current year.

The volume of exports of iron products reached 10,000 tons during the same period, while the port of Oran did not record any export of this type of material during the first quarter of last year, according to the statistics of the port enterprise.

The exports also included nearly 95,000 tons of various goods, compared to 90,000 tons during the first quarter of 2020.

Meanwhile, the volume of imports was estimated at the end of last March at 2,428,971 tons, a decrease of about 223,500 tons, due to the decline in imports of grains by 10 percent (795,546 tons) and oil products by about 35 percent (19,418 tons), as well as vegetable oils by 19 percent (39,000 tons).

The aforementioned period witnessed an increase in the volume of cattle food imports by more than 26 percent (188,031 tons) and brown sugar by 10 percent (128,650 tons).

In addition to these goods, imports also included 5,929 tons of asphalt, 4,387 tons of cosmetic products, 794,500 tons of iron products, 5,034 tons of packaging products manufacturing materials and 439,506 tons of miscellaneous goods.

In the first quarter of the current year, the port of Oran recorded a decline in container activity, as it counted 40,045 containers handling compared to 56,852 containers in the same period last year, a decrease of 15.49 percent.



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