Nour El-Sherif: Google doodle celebrates 75th Birthday of Egyptian actor, director


The present Doodle celebrates Egyptian actor and director Nour El-Sherif, who captured the hearts of audiences for near 40 years with hundreds of performances in feature movies, TV, and theater, leaving a large archive in the world of cinema and drama as one of the most prominent stars of his time.

The 75th anniversary of the birth of the Egyptian artist Nour El-Sharif falls today on April 28, 1946.

Nour Al-Sharif starred in historical and social television dramas and presented dozens of roles, including: Hajj Metwally’s family, I will not live in the djellaba of my father, Al-Rahayah, Omar bin Abdulaziz, Harun Al-Rashid.

And the last work of the late Nour El-Sherif in cinema was the movie “Cairo Time” with Mervat Amin, Samir Sabry, Kinda Alloush and Sherif Ramzy.

His health deteriorated, before his death, as he contracted lung cancer, and in order to seek recovery, he traveled abroad, and his health did not improve, and on August 11, 2015, he passed away.



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