Coronavirus: Is third wave looming large?

ALGIERS- Professor Ryad Mahyaoui pointed, on Wednesday, to "the start of a third wave", in reference to the surge in cases of contamination in recent days, especially in Algiers, dubbing "the situation as "very worrying".

Coronavirus: Prof. Mahyaoui points to start of third wave

ALGIERS- Professor Ryad Mahyaoui warned, on Wednesday, of ” a third wave”, in reference to the surge in cases of contamination in recent days, especially in Algiers, dubbing “the situation as “very worrying”.

Hosted by the National Radio, the member of the Scientific Committee responsible for monitoring Covid-19′ situation in Algeria, explained the deterioration of the current health situation by “the carelessness, and the unconsciousness of citizens who do not abide by the barrier measures “.

In a reply to a question on a possible return to drastic lockdown measures, Pr. did not exclude any option, considering that “the situation is not catastrophic” to resort to this alternative for the moment.

As a reminder, President Tebboune, yesterday, chaired a meeting devoted to examining the health situation during which he gave the following guidelines:

– Precise statistics must be provided from each province while taking into consideration the sources of contamination province by province and village by village in order to take decisions based on precise figures and to start an urgent epidemiological inquiry on the new variants in Algeria.

– The awareness campaigns must be intensified and the prevention measures must be respected, in the light of the carelessness that has been recorded so far. The awareness-raising must include all the public spaces and structures, notably the educational establishments, mosques, markets, stores and means of transportation.

– Fines must be rigorously implemented alongside the intensification of the control of the compliance with prevention measures.

– The total closure of land, sea and air borders is maintained and the level of vigilance raised on a daily basis.

– Concerning the national stock of vaccines and the vaccination campaign, President Tebboune ordered to speed up the pace of vaccination nationwide and to immediately implement the project of manufacturing the vaccine “Sputnik V.”



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