Health situation in Algeria worrying due to increasing number of contaminations

Coronavirus in Algeria : New confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries in Algeria, March 20

ALGIERS- Director General of the Pasteur Institute, Fawzi Derrar, said that the high number of people infected with the Coronavirus in Algeria is “worrying”, calling on citizens to strictly adhere to the health protocol, especially with regard to wearing a protective mask.

The Director-General of the Pasteur Institute revealed, upon his arrival as a guest on the program “Health in a week” on Algerian television, yesterday, Friday, that the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Algeria “has returned to activity and this is a matter of concern,” explaining that Algerians “stopped being afraid of this epidemic and they are increasingly confident that the virus has expired, and this is not correct.”

In this regard, Fawzi Derrar stressed that laxity and lack of respect for the private health protocol contributes again to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Algeria, adding that the number of daily infections exceeded 100 new cases and within 10 days we registered 1000 cases, calling on citizens to be careful and vigilant while returning to preventive measures, especially when it comes to wearing a protective mask.

As for the new strains spreading in Algeria, the Director General of the Pasteur Institute said, “Up to now, we have recorded 134 cases of the British strain and 236 of the Nigerian one, recalling the danger of these new strains, which are characterized by rapid spread.

Speaking about the vaccination process against the Corona epidemic, Mr. Derrar revealed that the process is continuing normally and that Algeria has entered into a contract with China to acquire 2 million doses of the “Sinovac” vaccine, and the first doses will arrive in the coming days, and another contract has been concluded with the “Pfizer” laboratory to supply Algeria with the vaccine by the end of next month.



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