Nigerian variant poses threat in face of poor vaccine efficacy

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ALGIERS- The president of the Algerian Society of Immunology, Professor Kamel Djenouhat, on Friday, warned of “the rapid spread” of the Nigerian variant in Algeria in the face of “poor vaccine efficacy”.

Speaking to the Sétif radio, the same official stressed that the Nigerian variant is the most dangerous threat to the health situation linked to the Covid-19 crisis .

Djenouhat did not fail to point out that vaccines are less effective against this variant, reporting a British study which classifies it as the most fatal with a rate of 4.5% of cases of death.

As such, the doctor pointed out that the provinces of Tébessa, Ouargla and El Oued are the ones that have recorded more cases, before revealing that only the Pasteur Institute is able to diagnose Covid-19 cases of the Nigerian variant.

He stressed that “we are at the beginning of a new rise in cases of contamination, while urging people to respect the preventive measures”.


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