Ramadan 2021: How to stay hydrated while fasting?


The BEST way to prepare for fasting is to keep your body hydrated in the time frame that drinking is allowed.
Here’s some tips of Dehydration Prevention During Ramadan:

Keep a bottle of water with you by Iftar and try to drink a cup or two at least every hour after that.
Avoid drinking large amount of water all at once or a lot during a meal but drink water between your meals instead.
Avoid hot, spicy, salty and sugary foods as they increase the body’s need for water.
Try to consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as they are rich in water and fibre.
Cold shower helps to rehydrate you during the month of Ramadan as it lowers the body temperature. If cold shower is infeasible in any way, try to apply a cold wet towel to your forehead, the area around your ears, the base of your neck and the chest.
If you are on your regular exercise regimes, it is advisable to exercise after two to three hours of Iftar, and try to replenish the amount of water lost by drinking sufficient amount of water before going to sleep.
Gentle Reminder

If you experience a loss of consciousness due to dehydration, your legs should be raised above your head by others, and when you awake, you should urgently rehydrate as outlined above. After all, water is the most important fluid that replenish your thirst during Ramadan.



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