Algeria bets on religious tourism


Algiers- A framework agreement was signed, Thursday, between the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Family Work and that of Religious Affairs and Wakfs with the aim of enhancing religious tourism.

Initialed by Mohamed Ali Boughazi, Minister of Tourism and Youcef Belmehdi, Minister of Religious Affairs, the convention aims to enhance religious tourism in Algeria through the exploitation of the religious monuments found in every region of the country.

“This convention will strengthen joint action between our sector and that of religious affairs through the development and popularization of religious and cultural sites and monuments in order to create a regional balance and boost socio-economic life in the various regions which are full of this wealth, ”said the Minister of Tourism quoted by the official agency.

It will also allow “the creation of a developed, sustainable and competitive tourism industry, through the exploitation of the tourist assets which Algeria conceals”, he added.

Also, virtual tours, and their promotion via various Internet media, will be offered in order to encourage tourist investment and the promotion of “crafts to preserve national identity”.

For his part, the Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakfs clarified that this convention is part of the implementation of the government’s action plan.


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