Water supply during Ramadan in Algiers: Ministry specifies


ALGIERS- The Ministry of Water Resources announced, in a statement published on its official Facebook page, that the water supply will be available 24 hours/ a day during the month of Ramadan for the inhabitants of the capital Algiers.

To this end, the Ministry’s press release specified: “on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, and in order to ensure comfortable environment for the inhabitants of the capital Algiers, in terms of drinking water supply and within the framework of the efforts made by the sector supported by the high authorities of the country, we have developed an emergency program to strengthen the supply of drinking water by completing more than 200 boreholes, the rehabilitation and extension of 04 monobloc seawater leaching stations, the transfer of Sebaou water to the Taksebt dam, and the Ghrib and Bouroumi dam interconnection “.

The press release continued: “after evaluating the capacities….. it was decided, and contrary to what has been reported, to ensure a 24-hour water supply during the month of Ramadan’.

Finally, the Ministry called, in this vein, for the rational consumption of drinkable water due to the scarcity of this resource.


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