Candidacies in legislative elections: 1,755 party lists, 2,898 independent lists

June 12th Algerian Legislative elections: Period for exceptional revision of electoral rolls, set

ALGIERS- President of the National Independent Election Authority (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi, on Wednesday in Algiers, said that 1,755 lists of political parties and 2,898 independent lists are wishing to be a candidate in the legislative elections of June 12th.

As such, the Chairman of ANIE, Mohamed Charfi specified, during a press conference, that “to date, (on April 7), up to 1755 lists belonging to approved political parties and 2889 independent lists, have expressed their wish to be a candidate for the next legislative elections, thus, totaling “4653 lists”.

To this end, ANIE submitted “7,655,809 individual signature subscription forms for applicants,” he pointed out.

For the 58 provinces, “1739 party lists and 2873 independent lists wish to stand as a candidate, with a total of” 4612 lists “, while” 7,635,309 individual signature subscription forms have been submitted “, he said.

At the level of electoral constituencies abroad, “16 party lists and 25 independent lists have expressed their willingness to stand as a candidate, with a total of 41 lists, while 20,500 individual signature subscription forms have been delivered “, he further detailed.

Earlier and speaking at the end of the installation of two ANIE committees (control of the electoral campaign and distribution of airtime), Mr. Charfi reported a total of 212,797 new registrants, after the handling of the submitted appeals, thus bringing the electorate on the national territory to 23,587,815 voters. “As for the number for voters among the national community established abroad, it reached 902,365 voters, added the same official.

Regarding the candidacy files in anticipation of the legislative elections of June 12, the president of ANIE revealed that, until then, two independent lists have submitted their candidacy files, namely; “El Fakhr” (Laghouat) and ” El-Hisn EL-Morning “(Tipasa).

As long as the number of political parties, having expressed the wish to participate in this political rendez-vous, is concerned, it stood at 53 parties so far.


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