Impunity, absence of mechanisms for monitoring execution of public contracts fostered corruption in Algeria


ALGIERS- The Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, Belkacem Zeghmati, slammed, today, Wednesday, April 07th, 2021, the impunity as well as the absence of mechanisms for monitoring execution of public contracts which led to the fostering of corruption in Algeria.

“Algeria has spent astronomical sums to carry out economic and social development projects, and nobody can deny it….. however, huge sums are embezzled, within the framework of the conclusion of contracts with foreign partners “.

Speaking at the opening of a seminar devoted to “the problem of the maturation of projects and their impact on the management of disputes in the context of public contracts”, Belkacem Zeghmati explained that “public contracts constitute one of the flaws in which flourished the phenomenon of corruption whose authors use their position in the state hierarchy to enrich themselves illegally “.

“No doubt the phenomenon would have been of lesser magnitude, if there had not been a favorable climate characterized, in particular, by impunity, the absence of technical and financial monitoring of projects as well as the weakness of legal instruments”, observed Zeghmati.


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