Sonelgaz’ CEO on two-day working, inspection visit to Sétif


ALGIERS- The Chief Executive Officer of Sonelgaz, Chaher Boulakhras, will be on a two-day working and inspection visit, Monday and Tuesday, in the province of Sétif with a view to inquiring about the progress of various projects.

As such, the first day of this visit will be devoted to the Ain Zada ​​power station, in the town of Ain Arnat, in the province of Sétif. The second day of the visit will be events and activities-riched day.

To this end, the CEO of the Group and the delegation accompanying him, will proceed with the commissioning of the gas connection project for the benefit of 320 families in the municipality of Mezloug, precisely at the level of the Boureghda region.

Subsequently, the delegation will head to the municipality of El Eulma to inquire about the progress of the construction project of a 220/60 kV electrical transformer station, before visiting a production plant of AMC counters.

In addition, at the level of the commune of Ouled Saber a few kilometers east of the capital of the province of Sétif, the delegation of Sonelgaz will attend an exhibition devoted to the project of the mega-industrial zone at the same commune , before heading to the steel production and processing plant, Metal Steel.


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