Ramadan: Would Taraweeh prayers be performed in Great Mosque of Algiers?


ALGIERS- The Inspector General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Dr. Lakhmisi Bezzaz, said that Taraweeh prayers would not be performed in the Great Mosque of Algiers.

In an exclusive interview on Radio Setif, the Inspector General pointed out that Taraweeh prayers will be performed, this year, in 17,400 mosques. However, he added, “Unfortunately, there is no Taraweeh prayer in the Great Mosque for fear of contaminations given the fact that its prayer hall is capable of holding 35,000 worshipers.

In addition, the Inspector General referred to the need to organize the mosque administratively before granting the permission for the performance of the prayers.

On another level, he emphasized that 30 minutes is sufficient for reciting one hizb of the Koran by night, illustrating that evening prayer, will be performed, immediately, after the call to prayer, and there will be no sermons or mosque activities.

In this aspect, the same official said that the decision to continue closing the toilets in mosques came as a result of the recommendations of the scientific committee, and its fear of the possibility of spreading the epidemic.

He specified that the next council of ministers will decide on organizing, framing and restructuring the Great Mosque with all its structures and institutions.


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