Listing Raï music in UNESCO heritage: File to be sent by late March


TLEMCEN- Minister of Culture and Arts, Malika Bendouda said, Monday evening from Tlemcen (520km east of Algiers), that the listing file of the Raï music in the UNESCO heritage will be sent by late March.

In a statement to the press at the Center for Andalusian Studies in Tlemcen, the minister said the ministry “works to list this art in the UNESCO World Heritage”. A such, she added that her meeting with Messaoud Bellemou and Boutaiba Saidi, two well-know people in this art, aimed to show that “this heritage is an authentic Algerian heritage, very old and has a long history.

The Ministry is, also, preparing “the Economic and Cultural Forum dedicated to the revival of cultural investment, with the aim of reviving theaters according to a set of specifications which will be developed by the Ministry of Culture, she pointed out.

Bendouda, also, reported the launch of 5 national festivals during the holy month of Ramadan, pending the end of the Covid-19 crisis for the revival of international festivals.



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