June 12′ Legislative elections: Number of electorate exceeds 24 million, 10,000-plus expected candidates

June 12th Algerian legislative elections: More than 39 parties, 25 independents withdraw candidacy files

ALGIERS- The number of electorate after the periodic revision of the electoral lists stands at 24,392,438 voters, while the number of expected candidates at the level of 58 provinces, amounts to 10,702 candidates, said Saturday, President of the Independent National Authority for Elections (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi.

“After the exceptional revision of the electoral lists, the number of electorate is 24,392,438 voters, of which 905,456 are based abroad and 23,486,979 spread over the country’s 58 probinces,” said Mr. Charfi.

Regarding the candidacy files, the ANIE president said that, so far, 3,270 files have been withdrawn. “1,420 candidacy files were withdrawn by 55 approved parties and 1863 by independents”, specified the same source.

During this press conference, Mr. Charfi reviewed all of the operations carried out by his organization in preparation for the upcoming elections. He announced, in this wake, that the magistrates appointed to the head of the electoral commissions of the provinces will, officially, take up their functions as of Sunday.

As a reminder, President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, on Thursday, March 11th, 2021, sealed the presidential decree convening the electorate on 12 June 2021 to elect the members of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament), according to a communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic.

“In accordance with Article 151, paragraph 02, of the Constitution, the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune sealed on 27 Rajab 1442, corresponding to March 11, 2021, Presidential Decree No.96-01 convening the electorate for the parliamentary legislative elections scheduled for 12 June 2021,” said the same source.

President Tebboune “also signed on 26 Rajab 1442, corresponding to March 11, 2021 Ordinance No.21-01 on the electoral system,” concluded the same statement.


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