Sudan Ambassador pays courtesy visit to National Radio


ALGIERS- His Excellency, the Ambassador of Sudan to Algeria, Mr. El Abid Mohamed El Abid paid, Wednesday, March 24th, 2021, a courtesy visit to the headquarters of the National Radio. He was welcomed by Mohamed Baghali, Director General of the Public Sound Broadcasting Establishment (EPRS).

As such, the two parties discussed the ways and means of initiating collaborative work between Algerian and Sudanese radio stations, under the aegis of the high authorities of the two States and this, in accordance with the various ratified bilateral cooperation agreements.

“There is a determination for cooperation which flows naturally with a view to further enhancing the strong bonds of friendship and fraternity which already unite the two peoples”, underlined the Ambassador of Sudan.

During his guided tour at the headquarters of the National Radio, Mr. El Abid Mohamed El Abid observed the work of the different channels of the National Radio. The Ambassador of Sudan, also, appreciated some musical notes, played by the National Radio Orchestra.


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