Industry: Improving quality of national industrial production tackled


ALGIERS- The Minister of Industry, Mohamed Bacha held, at the headquarters of the ministry, a meeting with the heads of the organizations in charge of quality and support for companies, indicated, this Saturday, March 20, 2021, the ministry in a press release published on his Facebook page.

Up to fifteen institutions and bodies, active in standardization, accreditation, support and accompaniment of industrial enterprises and small and medium-sized ones took part in this meeting, held in the presence of the executives of the ministry.

The meeting was an opportunity to recall the importance and role of these bodies and institutions in economic recovery and the new industrial policy, in difficult economic times.

In this context, the Minister of Industry called for the mobilization of all resources and the combination of all efforts for an acceleration of reforms and restructuring of the national economy, according to the same source.

For his part, the Minister Bacha insisted on improving the quality of national industrial production and competitiveness through the development of national capacities.

He, also, emphasized the urgency of simplifying administrative procedures for a better quality of service delivery and effective support for economic operators, the same press release pointed out.

To do this, added the Minister, a strengthening of information systems and better management of databases are necessary, as well as the strengthening of infrastructures support for the development of industrial competitiveness and the training of a qualified human resource.


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