Oued Meknassa (West of Chlef): Flood-related last victim found dead


Algeria/ Chlef- Ten people lost their lives following the floods that occurred, on Saturday, March 06th, 2021, in Oued Mekenassa in the province of Chlef, after the last victim was found, today, Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, dead five days after the start of the operation by the search and rescue team, Ennahar TV reported.

The severe bad weather that occurred, on Saturday afternoon, in Chlef led to a flood in Oued Meknassa (West of Chlef) which swept away several cars that were on the road connecting the municipalities of Ouled Ben Abdelkader and Meknassa.

To this end, the latest bulletin provided by the local direction of civil protection reported the death of all victims trapped by the floods. The last victim was a 11-year-old girl.

Noting that the rainwater flooded 8 houses near the East-West highway in the town of Meknassa.


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