Covid-19: Update on progress of anti Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Algeria

Update on progress of anti Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Algeria

The Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Abderrahmane Benbouzid, provides an update on the progress of the coronavirus vaccination campaign in Algeria.

In a statement to the press, during an inspection visit to the Franz Fanon Hospital in Blida, the Head of the Health sector in Algeria said that the vaccination campaign, symbolically launched at the end of the month of Jnuary in Blida province where the country’s first case of infection with the Coronavirus was confirmed in March, is taking place in good conditions.

“The doses of Chinese vaccine (received at the end of last February by Algeria) will soon be distributed (…) the campaign is taking place in good organizational conditions”, declared Mr. Benbouzid.

The vaccination campaign, which affected in the first stage the 20 provinces being the most affected by the virus, including the hotbeds Blida and Algiers, was generalized to 28 other provinces of the country, thus, increasing the number of the affected provinces by the second stage of the vaccination campaign to 48 ″, he added.

On another level, the Minister, also, announced that Algeria will receive several batches of the anti-Covid-19 vaccines by the current month of March.

“Hundreds of thousands of doses of the vaccine will be received during the current month,” revealed the Minister, affirming the effectiveness of the current vaccine against the new variants of Covid-19.

“The spread of the British variant (detected in Algeria) is much faster than the original virus (…) the only way to eradicate it is to get vaccinated,” he said.


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