Pr. Djenouhat addresses degree of Covid-19 variant’s lethality, transmission among young people


Algeria- The detection of the first cases of the viral variant of Covid-19, recently in Algeria was “foreseeable, a few weeks ago”, according to Professor Kamel Djenouhat, head of department of the central laboratory of the Rouiba hospital.

Speaking, Sunday, Feb 28th, 2021, on the National Radio, the same official addressed the degree of lethality of the variant, putting forward that the latest studies have revealed “a more dangerous phenotype and mortality….very high compared to the old variants, ”he said, alarming that it, also, affects young people, in addition to its particularity of spreading stronger and faster.

To this end, the Doctor questioned the opening of air traffic as well as the slackening of preventive measures on the part of the citizens.

On a related context, Professor Djenouhat called on the authorities to “be more firm in order to enforce the barrier measures, including disinfection and wearing a mask.

“We even suggested a second PCR for people entering across the borders, with a lockdown of five days but that was not applied”, he regretted.


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