Algeria’s Government Spokesman: “French lobbies behind hysterical campaigns targeting ANP”


In an interview with the Shihab Presse wesite, the Minister of Communication, Government Spokesman warns against “the French lobbies that are behind the hysterical campaigns targeting state institutions, in particular People’s National Army ( ANP) ”.

Ammar Belhimer, affirms that “Algeria and its state institutions constantly face this kind of campaigns by a security, diplomatic and media actions to counter them”.

As such, Mr. Belhimer adds that “the Algerian people, aware of all this, remain mobilized to defend their legitimate institutions in total synergy with their leaders and their army”.

Asked about the future of the Arab Maghreb project in light of the normalization between Morocco and the Zionist entity, Mr. Belhimer highlights that the normalization of the Makhzen with the Zionist entity is just a political practices, isolated and rejected by our free brothers in brotherly Morocco ”, adding that “the objectives expected by this suspect project is to serve certain circles in Morocco and foreign agendas which aim at the disintegration of the Arab Nation by all means”.

He states, in this context, that “Algeria aspires to build the Maghreb edifice with the will of all peoples, including the defenseless Sahrawi people”.


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