Postage stamp, in recognition of White Army dedication in combating Covid-19, issued


Algeria- Minister of Post and Telecommunications Brahim Boumzar announced, today, Saturday, Feb 27th, 2021, the issuance of a postage stamp in recognition of the White Army’s dedication and efforts in combating Covid-19.

In a related context, the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital reform, Abdelrahmane Benbouzid, along with the Minister of Post and Telecommunications supervised, today, the signing of an agreement with a view to establishing and equipping two units at Beni Messous Hospital.

As such, the first unit is dedicated to treating and fighting cancer, while the second is a high-level emergency service.

According to the Minister of Health, this agreement will enhance efforts aimed at fighting cancer and provide the necessary capabilities for this purpose.

For his part, the Minister of Post underlined that his ministrial department always accompanies the health sector, recalling the launch of the Green Line 3030 since the beginning of the pandemic.


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