Security services foil attempted infiltration of Hirak by banned organization


The 2nd anniversary of the popular Hirak, blessed and authentic, this February 22, decreed by the President of the Republic “National Day of Fraternity and People-Army Cohesion for Democracy”, was celebrated in Algiers and in other cities of the country through marches of citizens chanting slogans in praise of the unity of Algeria and People-Army cohesion.

“As expected, individuals did not miss the opportunity to chant slogans hostile to the nationalist path, slogans that have become the trademark of a banned movement and followers of a dissolved party,” report security sources.

In spite of the provocative acts of certain individuals, the police have shown vigilance, ” added the APS, specifying that “their presence and anticipated intervention made it possible to detect the possession of prohibited weapons, by certain individuals whose fate will be decided, in all transparency, by justice”.

“The behaviors exhibited by some individuals on this day are the result of deep resentment and pernicious intentions of some parties desperate to undermine the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the blessed Hirak, “pointed out the same source, underlining that the State and its institutions have spared no effort in order to support the Hirak and satisfy its demands as acquired by the new Algeria.

“Indeed, there are many disturbing truths for the haters and the troublemakers in order to hinder the march started by Algeria for a better future”, ” the agency highlighted.

Affirming that Algeria “is one of the + pioneering countries + in controlling the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on all levels, the same source put forward as proof” the number of cases of contamination of barely 150 per population of 45 million inhabitants “.

The success of the vaccine importation process, the diversification of its sources and the efforts made for its production locally were also highlighted.

Algeria, one of the pioneers in terms of guaranteeing decent living conditions, far from manifestations of poverty, is resolutely turned towards the management of gray areas and the true consecration of social justice, continued the same source.

And to add: “Thanks to God and to the efforts of its loyal sons, Algeria was able to counter the various plans targeting its stability and its unity, the execution of which has been entrusted to certain countries under the leadership of the Zionist Entity”.

The relentlessness of Algeria’s enemies to deny these eloquent realities becomes futile in the face of Algeria’s greatness, the strength of its children and the determination of its leaders to give new Algeria the place it deserves in the world. (APS)


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