Third “KoviVak” Covid-19 vaccine registered in Russia

Third “KoviVak” Covid-19 vaccine registered in Russia

Russia has approved, Saturday, Feb 20th, 2021, its third vaccine against Covid-19, the country’s Prime Minister announced today, promising to further fasten production rates.

“From the middle of March, the first 120,000 doses (of the third vaccine) will be put into circulation,” Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced during a government meeting broadcast on television.”

“Russia is today the only country where three vaccines already exist,” he said.

Called “Kovivak”, this third vaccine was developed by the Chumakov Research Centre in Moscow. Russia has already registered the Sputnik V vaccine, in August, and EpiVacCorona, licensed in October.

To this end, Kovivak vaccine should pass phase III trials, scheduled for March on 3,000 people, according to the Russian Research Ministry.


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