“This is how we planned to turn Hirak into insurrection, then “armed Jihad”! Terrorist Abu Dahdah confessions / Video


The dangerous terrorist Rezkane Ahcene, known as “Abu Dahdah”, who had joined the terrorist groups in 1994 and was captured on December 16, 2020 in Jijel by a detachment of the National People’s Army (ANP) during a combing operation in the area of Tamendjar, near the commune of El-Ancer in Jijel revealed a diabolical plan aimed at stabilizing the security and stability of Algeria.

Terrorist Hassan Zergane revealed, on the newscast on national television, that there was a plot to stabilize the country. He pointed out that he was in contact via social media with other people, inside and outside the country, urging citizens to resort to the armed actions during the peaceful Hirak to overthrow the regime.

According to the confessions’ video released yesterday evening by the National Television, and broadcast by several television channels, the remnants of terrorist groups active in some northern prrovinces of the homeland, along with other groups operating in the Sahel region, were in close contacts and coordination with opponents abroad in order to overthrow the regime.

“Abu -Dahdah” said that he personally supervised the opening of several pages and accounts on “Facebook,” “Twitter,” “Telegram,” and “YouTube”, with many different pseudo names, one of which: “the popular movement” with a view to inciting the people to return to the street and slide toward violence this time.

The terrorist added that he used some of those accounts on social media to communicate with some activists abroad.

In this vein, he went further explaining, in image and sound, that he aspired, like his leaders in the terrorist organization, to transfer jihadist ideology and armed action from the mountains to the streets, by persuading the youth of the movement to violence and armed action.

To achieve this goal, Abu Dahdah elaborated by saying:” The plan was based on the exploitation of several elements abroad in order to promote the feasibility of armed action and the use of violence to bring down the regime.

He added: “We agreed with them to bring down the regime, and we also agreed to incite the movement against peacefulness and move towards radicalism, pledgeding to support them with weapons once the armed revolution outbreaks.”

“We wanted to convert the movement from its peaceful nature to jihad … and we were planning to start the civil disobedience, just like what happened in Syria, Yemen and Libya,” confessed the terrorist.

The spokesman continued his confessions, saying: “At the beginning of the movement, I opened a page on Twitter and another on Telegram .. Some of the activists abroad were my followers….. they followed me since the first week through an account on Twitter.”

Regarding my activities through “Facebook”, the terrorist unveiled that he opened several accounts, “I used some of them to communicate with several well-known opposition elements.

As for his activities on YouTube, the terrorist said that he opened several channels, one under the name “Al-Hirak” channel, and a second and third under the names of “Al-Nasher” and “Al-Ouansharis”. Other terrorists were assigned the same mission who opened a channel called “Al-Sirraj Al-Wahaj”.

Earlier and following his capture, a large sum of ransom money was discovered by the Algerian army. According to a statement released by the Ministry of Defence, the discovery of 80,000 euros ($98,000) was made during a raid carried out in Jijel province, where terrorists regularly operate.

The statement confirmed that the sum “turned out to be the first instalment of the ransom… meant to be paid for the benefit of remnants of terrorist groups tracked down by Algerian security services”.

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