State blesses, constitutionalised popular Hirak, meets legitimate demands in record time

State blesses, constitutionalised Popular Hirak, meets legitimate demands in record time

ALGIERS- The Algerian State has blessed, protected and constitutionalized the popular Hirak and met its legitimate demands in record time, Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government Ammar Belhimer said, Wednesday, on the electronic newspaper “Algérie maintenant.”

Recalling that Algeria will celebrate, on February 22, the National Day of Fraternity and People-Army Cohesion for Democracy, “instituted by the President of the Republic in 2020 as a pledge between the National People’s Army (ANP ) and the Nation and renewal of the oath to protect the homeland and to concretize its development “, Mr. Belhimer affirmed that” if some parties eye to turn the blessed Hirak to a means of pressure to destabilize Algeria and arouse fitna , the citizen is well aware that the State has blessed, protected and constitutionalised the popular Hirak and satisfied its legitimate demands in record time “.

Regarding the calls to go out in the streets on this occasion, the Minister stressed the imperative to “show the highest degree of conscience, discipline and positive citizenship in order to contribute to the elimination of the Coronavirus pandemic , and to measure the risks of participating, in this precise situation, in any action, the initiators of which do not necessarily have innocent aims “.

To a question on the return of the President of the Republic after having undergone a successful surgery in Germany, Mr Belhimer considered that “the resumption of his activities at the same intensive pace as before attests to his total recovery”, specifying that the President of the Republic “followed, during the period of his care and his convalescence, the affairs of the country and the evolution of the situation and gave the necessary instructions for the management of aspects affecting the daily life of the citizen, in particular the education of pupils in isolated regions and gray areas “.

In this regard, Mr Belhimer reiterated his call for vigilance and caution against fake news and tendentious rumors relayed via social networks “as part of a dirty electronic warfare targeting our country”.

He added: “The cyber warfare targeting Algeria at the instigation of foreign sides isn’t a figment of the imagination or an old-fashioned resort to foreign enemy.

Radio Algerie


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