Economic revival: Premier orders speeding up administrative procedures


ALGIERS- Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, on Wednesday, instructed a range of his ministers to accelerate the process of streamlining the administrative procedures for the economic recovery and to set up a focal point in each department to monitor the actions taken in this respect.

The instructions were given at a government meeting, chaired by Djerad, which took place by videoconference, according to a statement issued by the prime minister’s office.

The government heard a statement by the minister of Fishing and Fishery Resources, in his capacity as coordinator of the interdepartmental working group on the administrative facilitation for economic recovery.

With a view to ensuring the transformation and development of the national economy, mainly through the modernization and de-bureaucratization of its administrative environment, all economic and commercial activities subject to prior authorizations have been identified on the basis of four criteria, namely the method of filing and issuing documents (counter or digital platform), the number of documents forming the file, the time required to process and issue documents and the centralized or decentralized management of applications.

This assessment was also extended to other institutions with public authority prerogatives, the statement said.



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