Algeria, “first African country to produce anti-Covid-19 vaccine” (Bitam)

Vaccination in Algeria: Dr. Fourar unveils scenarios to achieve collective immunity

Communicable disease professor Idir Bitam said Algeria is on track to be the “first African country to produce the anti-Covid-19 vaccine.”

Guest of Radio Channel III, the professor specializing in transmissible diseases and tropical pathologies, Dr. Idir Bitam, launched a call for the integration of permanent researchers in the production process of Coronavirus vaccine in Algeria.

“We are the first African country to do this [produce the vaccine],” the communicable disease expert said on the radio.

“If there is no integration of the researchers into the manufacture of the vaccine, it will go wrong, I assure you. “, He also warned.

Professor Bitam continued, pleading for more confidence in Algerian researchers and local skills. “I assure you that we have incredible skills in Algeria,” he added.

“The majority of them have some experience and worked with highly qualified laboratories in different scientific fields”; pointed out the scientific researcher.


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