Import of vehicles: 9 temporary authorizations granted so far

Industry Minister: Identity of dealers, having benefited from provisional authorization, to be revealed "quite soon"

“Nine temporary car import authorizations have been granted so far,” Industry Minister Farhat Aït Ali Braham said Monday.

During a lively press conference on the sidelines of his working visit to the wilaya of Guelma, the minister indicated that “the operation of receiving applications from applicants for the import of cars was not limited in the time, nor by a given number of dealers “, adding that” the operation remains open to all those able to honor the organizational conditions linked to this activity “.

The minister also said that those who obtain these temporary authorizations are required to present basic dossiers to obtain, in a second phase, the final authorization allowing them to import the cars, adding that it was not possible to ‘impose on the dealers “a fixed date” to bring the cars which will be done, he noted, according to the financial capacities and the relations of each dealer with the manufacturer that he represents.

The Minister of Industry, Farhat Aït Ali Braham had, during an interview granted, Sunday, to the magazine “Indjazat”, that the list of dealers selected for the import of new vehicles will be revealed “quite soon” to public opinion, a list that will include other concessionaires in addition to the seven that have already received their provisional authorizations.

Regarding the conditions set out in the specifications, Mr. Ait Ali Braham denied any “binding” aspect, explaining that these requirements were aimed at ensuring a quality service.

“We have decided to limit certain provisions to certain models only, in particular with regard to the four airbags that have been imposed for high-end vehicles only.

In addition, he said, this provision will prevent national dealers from sourcing “dead” stocks from different markets around the world, “without any guarantees.”

During his visit to this wilaya, the Minister of Industry inspected the yeast production plant in Bouchegouf, the cycle and motorcycle company (Cycma) and the Dhraa Lahrech industrial zone in the commune of Belkheir and followed up at the headquarters of the wilaya a presentation on industrial land and business zones.


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