Gold mining: Award of 218 permits to create 1,200 direct jobs in Illizi, Tamanrasset


Two hundred and eighteen (218) gold mining permits have been awarded by the Ministry of Mines to the youth of Tamanrasset and Illizi. Through this approach, the authorities intend to substitute “artisanal” and “legal” exploitation for “anarchic and illegal exploitation carried out by foreigners and Algerians”, said on Monday, Samir Bouzar Essaidi, mining and artisanal project manager at the Ministry of Mines.

Speaking to the program “L’Invite de la redaction” ” Redaction Guest” of the radio channel 3, Mr. Bouzar Essaidi indicated that this strategy will make it possible, in the short term, to absorb unemployment, with the creation of 1,200 direct jobs and “increase gold production to 250 Kg / year”.

In addition to its direct impact, this strategy will help, the authorities expect, to fight against illegal exploitation. “With this operation we will have an occupation of the land and a securing of the premises by the security services, to completely block the illegal exploitation of this resource”.

Specialized training will shortly be provided by the Ministry of Mines for the benefit of “young entrepreneurs” to help them better master the profession and above all to better preserve themselves and protect the environment.



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