Covid-19 in Algeria: Two peaks recorded


The Director General of Health and Hospital Reform services at the Ministry of Health, Mr. Lyas Rahal said that Algeria has recorded two peaks of the Covid-19 pandemic since it emerged in the country.

According to him, the first wave was registered between July 18 and July 25, 2020, with 11,263 people hospitalized in various health services across the country.

The second peak occurred between November 22 and 28, 2020, and affected 15 provinces, with 8,110 people hospitalized in various health services.

The same official recalled that between the two peaks of the epidemic, the health authorities intensified efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. To this end, mortality rate was reduced to 3 or 3.5%.

On another level, Algeria’s Pasteur Institute Director General, Mr. Faouzi Derrar revealed, today, Tuesday, that consultations are underway with Russian and British partners to acquire the Covid-19 vaccine, insisting that “Algeria was quick to acquire the vaccine”.

“It is the vaccine-producing country that controls the batches of vaccine,” Derrar said at a parliamentary day on the pandemic and Covid-19 vaccination strategy.

To this end, he announced that three or four vaccines will be supplied and brought to Algeria, and that the acquisition will be made throughout the year.

According to the same spokesperson, the priority of the institute is to ensure the smooth running of the vaccination operation and to immunize as many citizens as possible under good and better conditions.

In a related context, the director of Pharmacy and Medical Equipment at the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Ms. Ouahiba Hadjoudj, said that Algeria has signed a contract with an Indian laboratory which produces the AstraZeneca vaccine for the purchase of 800,000 doses, expected in the coming days.

Other vaccines will also be purchased as part of the COVAX system. To this end, procedures are being taken to provide all the documents necessary for the operation, added the ministry official.

Speaking during a parliamentary day devoted to the pandemic and Covid-19 vaccination strategy, the ministry director announced “ongoing negotiations with other laboratories for the purchase of other batches of vaccine to ensure health coverage for ‘all Algerians “.


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