Covid-19: Saidal preempted by state to produce Russian vaccine Sputnik V

Covid-19/ Saidal: Negotiations with Russian operator to manufacture Sputnik V in Algeria

The public group Saidal is pre-empted by the state to exclusively produce the Russian vaccine against the Coronavirus Sputnik V, Lotfi Benbahamed, minister in charge of the pharmaceutical industry, said on Saturday.

“We decided that the transfer of Russian technology will be done, exclusively, for the benefit of the public group Saidal which is capable of producing the vaccine, because it has the means and the personnel as well as the support of the State”, explained Lotfi Benbahmed, on Saturday, to the national radio.

“We are in contact with the Russian authorities….. there is already an agreement for access to a digital platform to access technical knowledge”, added Benbahmed who specified that, in fine, the goal is to “cover the needs of ‘Algeria to ensure mass vaccination “.

With the decision of the State to reserve the exclusivity of the production of the vaccine, the private laboratories are eliminated from the race.


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