Covid-19: When will Algeria acquire Chinese vaccine ?

Vaccination in Algeria: Dr. Fourar unveils scenarios to achieve collective immunity

The Director General of the Pasteur Institute, Dr. Fawzi Derrar, revealed that Algeria is seeking to acquire the Chinese vaccine this February.

Guest at Ennahar TV, Dr. explained that consultations took place with the Chinese partner after the required vaccine was given the license.

“The Chinese vaccine is among the vaccines being studied by the World Health Organization, …. Its approval has been given by the National Drug Agency,” added the same official.

He added, in a related context, that Algeria will acquire 40 million doses of the vaccine.

In this vein, he said that contracts have been signed with 5 different producers to manufacture the required vaccines to avoid pressure in the future.

“60% to 70% of the population must be vaccinated”:

For his part, Dr. Fourar, the spokesperson of the scientific committee in charge of monitoring the evolution of the pandemic in the country, explained that the Coronavirus vaccination should reach 70% of the Algerian population for Algeria to achieve collective immunity.

“The first scenario of immunizing 60% of the population, which means 17 million Algerians will need to be vaccinated, with 38 million doses of the vaccine,” he said.

“Regarding the second scenario, it requires that 70% of Algerians be vaccinated, about 20 million people, with about 44 million doses,” added Dr. Fourar.

For his part, the Minister of Health Abdelrahmane Benbouzid, present at the meeting, indicated that, since August 2020, Algeria had started negotiations with several anti-Covid vaccine laboratories. “With some it has resulted in the signing of contracts and memorandu of understanding,” he underlined.


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