Producing anti Covid-19 in Algeria : What are outcomes of Algerian-Russian partnership?


The Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Lotfi Benbahmed, said, Sunday, Feb 08th, 2021, that the partnership with the Russians in the field of health will allow Algeria to produce not only the anti-Covid-19 vaccine, but also other important vaccines.

According to him, there are two ways to manufacture the vaccine; the first, where we start from the cell line, …this is real biotechnology, he specified . “That is to say, we are going to produce the raw material and that is the goal of this partnership with the Russians,” he added.

The second is where we receive the raw material, he pointed out, “there is a filtration system for dilution and aseptic distribution. It is complex, but it has already been mastered by several private operators and also by saidal for about thirty years “, he explained.

“Opting for the latter is not a good idea,” considered the minister, before further explaining: ” Despite the fact that we master this operation very well, and though this latter could be done in a few months, it would be necessary to have a raw material available “. “The real interest is this technological transfer….. even if we have to take more time, donation will benefit Algeria, while allowing us to go towards the production of this vaccine and many others”, added the same official.

Benbahmed said that the Russians have already made available to Algeria a digital platform containing the technical data. “A videoconference was organized, on this point, between the two parties last Thursday,” he concluded.


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