Covid-19 vaccine: This is why Algeria did not opt ​​for American Pfizer

Covid-19 vaccine: This is why Algeria did not opt ​​for American Pfizer

The Minister of Health, Population an Hospital Reforms, Abderrahmane Benbouzid, unclosed, Sunday, Feb 08th, 2021, Algeria’s reason for refusing to acquire the American Pfizer vaccine.

In fact, Minister Benbouzid indicated that Algeria had not acquired the Pfizer vaccine because the laboratory had demanded the purchase of 20 million doses initially, at $ 1 per injection.

On another level, and concerning the manufacture of anti-Covid-19 vaccine in Algeria, the minister insisted on the fact that the operation does not fall under the prerogatives of the minister of pharmaceutical industry.

In this regard, the Head of Health sector in Algeria stressed that this manufacturing operation will take a long time .

the Minister assured that since August 6, the consultations started and the meetings were organized with all the Ambassadors of the vaccine producing countries.

It should be remembered that Algeria has chosen not to limit itself to a single vaccine “in the choice of anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

The Algerian authorities have made a request to three leboratories in order to meet all demands, he underlined, namely; the Russian (Sputnik V), Anglo-swedish (Oxford) and Chinese (Cinoleb)”.


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