Covid-19/ Saidal: Negotiations with Russian operator to manufacture Sputnik V in Algeria

Covid-19/ Saidal: Negotiations with Russian operator to manufacture Sputnik V in Algeria

ALGIERS- Discussions are underway between the public pharmaceutical group Saidal and a Russian operator to manufacture Covid-19 vaccine “Sputnik V” locally, according to the director general of the National Agency for Pharmaceutical Products (ANPP) Professor Kamel Mansouri.

Guest, Friday evening, of a television program of channel A3 of EPTV, dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Mansouri said that “the public pharmaceutical group Saidal is in negotiations with a Russian operator as part of the production of the Sputnik V anti-Covid-19 vaccine in Algeria to ensure its availability for the benefit of the national population “.

” A commission placed under the supervision of Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry will support local manufacturers “so that they can produce the vaccine quickly,” underlined the same official.

Recalling that in addition to the Saidal Group, a private operator is also in negotiations to produce the vaccine in Algeria, the Frater Razes laboratory in this case, the director general of the ANPP assured that the country “has the capacities to produce vaccines through chemical processes and biotechnology “.

In addition, he pointed out that the Russian vaccine Sputnik V is “one of the best performers in the world in terms of efficacy, with low side effects, an effectiveness rate of 91.6%.”

Regarding the registration of anti-Covid-19 vaccines, Mr. Mansouri said that the Agency has taken specific measures to register vaccines and allow the rapid signing of acquisition contracts.

Thus, the ANPP has registered the Sputnik V vaccine and is currently registering the Astra-Zenecca vaccine.

In addition, the agency recently began, he added, the registration procedures for the Chinese vaccine, adding that the next doses of the Sputnik V vaccine will be delivered in February and then in March

In addition, Mr. Mansouri said that the national production levels of surgical masks ensure the availability of these products, thanks to the involvement of fifteen local producers.

He also noted that, thanks to four local operators, the production of oxygen intended for medical establishments is satisfactory.

Speaking during the same program, the Director General of the Institut Pasteur, Fawzi Derrar announced that new doses of the Sputnik V vaccine will be delivered to Algeria in February and March, stressing that the Institute benefits from assurances of its foreign partners regarding the availability of the vaccine.

The same official said the goal is to vaccinate 75% of citizens over the age of 18, equivalent to 40 million doses needed to dramatically reduce the transmission of the virus across the country.

A period ranging from six months to over a year is needed to complete the national vaccination campaign, he said.

The first official of the Pasteur Institute indicated that the first phase of the national vaccination campaign concerns the areas where the contamination rates are the highest.



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