AU: SADR aspires to “unique position” of African leaders

AU: SADR aspires to "unique position" of African leaders

OCCUPIED SAHRAOUI TERRITORIES-The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) strived, at the 34th session of the African summit, for a “unique position” of African leaders to support the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination, said Adviser to the Sahrawi President, Nana Lebat Errachid calling on the African Union (AU) to “assume its responsibilities and decolonize the last colony in Africa.”

The debate around the Sahrawi issue at the next African summit scheduled for Saturday will be rich and serious especially after the recommendation of the 14th Extraordinary African Summit calling on the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the AU to play its role in resolving this issue but also to activate the role of the Troika, Errachid told APS.

Stressing that “the AU is a partner of the UN in the settlement of the Sahrawi issue”, she noted that “this is an aggression by an African member state of the AU against another member state and founder of the AU”.

She said she was optimistic about the cancellation by U.S. President Joe Biden of his predecessor’s decision regarding the recognition of Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara.

For this official, “the Sahrawi people rely on their constant faith in their cause and their strong will to achieve independence and liberation of their homeland.

Referring to Morocco’s policy in the occupied Sahrawi territories, she warned against the “maneuvers of the makhzen system” and its “desperate attempts to enshrine the occupation as a fait accompli by paying money to open consulates in the occupied Sahrawi territories, even if they do not meet the legal requirements”.

The Sahrawi official said, in the same context, that Burundi’s decision to close its “Consulate General” in the occupied Sahrawi city Laayoune came “because of its certainty that the opening of a consulate in an occupied country with which it is linked within the framework of the African Union, is an aggression that has legal consequences, expressing “its wish that other African countries that have opened diplomatic representations in the occupied Sahrawi territories, do the same, and respect international law.

The Sahrawi army “insists on one thing, which is to continue the armed struggle until victory and independence”, stressing that “the evocation of the negotiations occurred in the context where the Polisario Front keeps the door of dialogue open, provided that the Sahrawi people have their right to self-determination,” she concluded.



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