Vaccination drive in Algeria: Statements of head of infectious diseases department at Boufarik hospital

"We have selected best vaccines for Algerians, without side effects", member of scientific committee

The head of the infectious diseases department at Boufarik hospital and president of the national union of public health practitioners, Dr. Mohamed Yousfi, has, once, again tackled the process of Sputnik V vaccine against Coronavirus.

Dr. Mohamed Yousfi, revealed that the vaccines purchased by Algeria are 90% effective, dispelling all rumors about fears of side effects from these vaccines.

Yousfi pointed out that acquiring sufficient vaccine doses will take time due to the high demand for the vaccine by all countries around the world.

As such, he added that Algeria will need at least 40 million doses, while calling on the people to abide by the preventive measures.

Furthermore, the same official assured that the side effects caused by the vaccines are not very different from the symptoms of other regular vaccines.

Specifying, on another level, that the first dose only protects by 50%, the Doctor insisted on the imperative to end the vaccination process with the second jab three weeks after receiving the first one.

The vaccination campaign was launched, today, Sunday, Jan 31st, 2021, in the capital Algiers.

As such, the spokesman for the scientific committee in charge of the follow-up of Coronavirus pandemic evolution, Dr Djamel Fourar, who, also, serves as the Health Ministry’s manager for prevention, supervised the launch of the vaccination drive in this province.

Earlier yesterday, Health Minister Abderrahmane Benbouzid launched the vaccination campaign in Blida, one of the most affected provinces by this pandemic in the beginning of the health crisis.

The operation will concern, in a first step, people prone to infections and transmissions, notably staff of the medical sector, the elderly and people with chronic disease. It will, also, be extended, as from Sunday, to cover other sectors, namely; Police services and Civil Protection, education and also Imams, political officials and the media body.

The first shipment of the Russian anti-Covid-19 vaccine “Sputnik V” landed, Friday, at Bouafrik Airport (province of Blida).


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