Tourism in Algeria: February, best time to visit southern desert/ Video

Tourism in Algeria: February, best time to visit southern desert

The Algerian Desert is located in north-central Africa and is part of the Sahara Desert.

The desert occupies more than four-fifths of the Algerian territory. Its expansion starts from the Saharan Atlas.

In the southwestern parts, we find Tassili n’Ajjer. This area was put up on the “World Heritage List” by UNESCO in 1982. The area is known for extreme aridity and extreme heat.

The climate is characterized by aridity and heat during the long summer months, and it also becomes progressively hotter and drier as you proceed towards the south; in winter the warmest area is the far south, where during the day the temperature remains around 25/27 °.

The rains are very rare anywhere, below 100 mm (4 in) per year, and often even 50 mm (2 in); they come in the form of downpour, and are more likely in winter in the north, and as mentioned, in summer in the far south.

The sky in the desert is almost always clear, and temperature ranges between 20 degrees Celsius (35 degrees Fahrenheit). During winter, the temperature can drop below freezing at night, albeit slightly, while the days remain mild.
When to go

The best season to visit the desert is winter, from December to February, especially in the southern part.

During this period, it is cold at night, but during the day the sun shines and the temperature is pleasant.

In the northern part of the desert, where winter is so cold, it is preferable to pay a visit there in the months of March and November.


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