Bouira/ Tikjda stormed by hundreds of visitors: Discover this touristic gem – Video

Bouira/ Tikjda stormed by hundreds of visitors: Discover this touristic gem - Video

BOUIRA – The resort of Tikjda (East of Bouira), was stormed this weekend by hundreds of tourists and visitors from several provinces of the country looking for entertainment and relaxation especially in this period of health crisis, APS reported.

Since Thursday, hundreds of tourists have flocked to this magical site, at an elevation of an altitude of over 1,400 meters, to spend the weekend and forget about the hassle of the week.

The number of visitors doubled on Friday morning. Vehicles registered in different provinces, such as; Algiers, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Boumerdes, Béjaïa and M’Sila, were able to reach the heights of the station.

“We seize the opportunity of the weekends to go out together as a family to break away from the routine and get a change of scenery. Tikjda is very beautiful, we are used to coming here every weekend,” Ouail told APS , a thirty-something from Algiers.

The large number of vehicles recorded this weekend caused traffic jams on the national road n 33 leading to Tikjda, which forced many motorists to continue their walk to arrive at the National Sports and Leisure Center .

Despite the cold and the few existing amenities outside the CNSL in terms of relaxation and catering facilities, tourists still preferred to make the trip just to admire the beauty of the magical landscapes that nature offers them.

The center, which has 460 beds, offers only 50% of its capacity because of the health protocol applied to fight against the spread of the Covid19 pandemic.

“We receive families, whose reception is done by reservation and the capacities used are currently only 50% because of the health protocol put in place”, explained to the APS the person in charge of the communication of the CNSLT, Mohamed-Ameziane Belkacemi.

For catering, meals are served in guest rooms for families of travelers, according to details provided by Mr. Belkacemi.

A special atmosphere

Outside the Center, a special atmosphere reigns there. Obviously, the families and their children experienced the happiness of discovering the splendor of the site.

“It’s beautiful. Tikjda is a tourist gem that we should all preserve and promote,” said Nassim, a young visitor from Algiers with his friend Sid Ali.

Encountered on the spot, many visitors opted for hikes, picnic tours as well as friends and family gatherings around a barbecue in the heart of nature. The pleasure they share with these tourists is unique, according to them. “The happiness that we experience together around these grills and in the middle of this nature makes us forget all the stress and fatigue that tidy our daily lives”, they say.

Tikjda pass:

Tikjda pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.600m (5,250ft) above the sea level, located in the Djurdjura Mountains in northern Algeria, in the province of Bouïra, according to dangerous roads org.

On the top of the mountain there’s a ski resort. The pass is traversed by the N33 road. The area around Tikjda is beautiful, with many peaks and hillsides covered with cedar forests. Tikjda offers many short excursions, with places like Point de vue du Djurdjura and Gouffre de l’Akouker. From the latter, virtually all of the Kabylia as well as the Mediterranean Sea can be spotted on clear days. If all this wasn’t enough, a small glacier can be found 3-4 km from Tikjda, the Takouatz Guerisséne. Around 10 km to the west of Tikjda, the lake of Goulmin is found, a sight worth this detour over and over again. The four-season resort of Tikjda offers local and international visitors the opportunity to enjoy snow sports in the winter and a variety of activities in the summer months

Video by: Herr Raouf


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