Finance: Premier orders acceleration of digitization

Finances: Djerad orders acceleration of digitization

ALGIERS – Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, on Wednesday, instructed the Minister of Finance to speed up the process of digitizing the sector, while ensuring its completion within “reasonable time,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s office said.

These instructions were given during a government meeting chaired by Mr. Djerad, which took place by videoconference, the same source added.

To this end, the Government heard a communication presented by the Minister of Finance on the digitization of the sector which made it possible to assess the state of progress of actions carried out by the various structures of the Ministry of Finance for the digitization of the sector.

These actions, explained the same source, have as essential objectives, the simplification of procedures and the fight against bureaucracy, improvement of the business climate, improvement of revenue collection, the fight against all types of fraud, as well as control and efficiency in the management of public finances.

At the end of the presentation, the Prime Minister recalled that the operation of digitization of the finance sector constitutes “a major axis” of the Government’s Action Plan, instructing the Minister of Finance to ‘speed up this digitization process by ensuring that it is completed within a reasonable period of time, according to a predefined implementation schedule “.

Mr. Djerad also stressed the need “to establish intersectoral collaboration in order to ensure the interconnection and interoperability of all the actors concerned by the public finance circuit”.



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