Covid-19: Vaccination and pregnant women: Dr Fourar’s explanations

Covid-19: Vaccination and pregnant women: Dr Fourar's explanations

Algeria – While the awareness campaigns for vaccination against the Coronavirus have just started in Algeria, vaccination for certain categories, in particular pregnant women and people with allergies, continues to raise questions …

The spokesperson for the scientific committee monitoring the evolution of a new coronavirus, Dr.Djamel Fourar, addressed , on Saturday, January 09th, 2020, this point.

Giving explanations on this subject, Dr Fourar clarified that the “health sector has not received reports on the exclusion of pregnant women.” According to him, ”any new vaccine causes one of the reactions in the population (….) people, in fact, “fear” adverse effects of the vaccine, ” he argued. However, “the vaccine is the only alternative” available now to eradicate the epidemic ,” he explained.


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