Tipasa Court: Details on former Algiers’ Governor Zoukh’s trial, prosecuted in third corruption case


TIPASA- The court of first instance of Tipasa pronounced, on Saturday, the postponement, to December 8, of the trial of the ex-wali of Algiers, Abdelkader Zoukh, prosecuted in a third corruption case relating to the granting of undue privileges to Ali Haddad, former President of the Forum of Entreprises Chefs (FCE).

The President of the Tipasa court announced the postponement of the trial after a full day of hearing the accused Abdelkader Zoukh and witnesses in two separate corruption cases.” The adjourment aims to create the conditions conducive to the holding of a fair trial and to allow witnesses to return to their homes because of the medical confinement.

According to the court, the former Governor of Algiers is being prosecuted in this case for “granting undue advantages to others and abuse of office” in favor of Ali Haddad, convicted in other cases and who will appear as a witness from the penitentiary center where he is serving his sentence in accordance with remote trial procedures.

The Tipasa court requested, on Saturday morning, a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison, along with a fine of one million DA against the ex-wali of Algiers, Abdelkader Zoukh, with confiscation of all his property, in the corruption case relating to the granting of undue privileges to members of the family of the former Director General of National Security (DGSN), Abdelghani Hamel.

The same court had also requested the same sentence against Abdelkader Zoukh in the corruption case relating to the granting of undue privileges and real estate to Tahkout Mahieddine and members of his family.

The trial of the former wali of Algiers is taking place at the level of the Tipaza court in accordance with the jurisdiction procedures which stipulate that a former senior official must be tried by a court outside the territory where he exercised his functions. The facts took place in Algiers where he held the post of wali.


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