🛑🛑 Human rights in Algeria: Torrent of reactions of Algerian parties, national organizations to content of EP resolution

ALGIERS- Several political parties and national organizations, on Saturday, condemned the resolution of the European Parliament (EP) on the human rights situation in Algeria, considering it as "an attack on the sovereignty of Algeria".

Human rights Algeria EP

ALGIERS- Several political parties and national organizations, on Saturday, condemned the resolution of the European Parliament (EP) on the human rights situation in Algeria, considering it as “an attack on the sovereignty of Algeria”.

In this regard, the National Liberation Front (FLN) party “was indignant” at the resolution issued on Thursday by the EP on the human rights situation in Algeria, qualifying it as “odious interference in internal affairs of Algeria”.

“These MEPs, escaping the fact that Algeria is a fully sovereign state which submits only to the will of its free people receiving no injunction from anyone, are turning ablind eye on the violations and aggressions perpetrated in Western Sahara and have no qualms about the persistence of the suffering of a defenseless people who demand nothing more than self-determination, in accordance with United Nations resolutions “, affirmed this political party.

Reiterating its condemnation of the content of the resolution which it described as “odious interference” and “an act devoid of the elementary principles of diplomacy, good neighborliness and respect for the sovereignty of States”, the FLN party expressed conviction that “these provocations will never succeed in disturbing social cohesion in Algeria, nor undermining the confidence of Algerians placed in their State’s institutions and in the process of renewal and reform, under the leadership of the president of the Republic, crowned by the amendment of the Constitution on November 1, 2020 “.

For its part, the National Democratic Rally (RND) strongly denounced and condemned the European Parliament’s resolution on the human rights situation in Algeria, calling it “false allegations” which it rejects as a whole.

“This type of interference is likely to harm relations between Algeria and the European Union (EU) because it is an attempt to undermine the existing stability in our country compared to other European states”, supported the RND.

The El Bina Movement has expressed “its great concern at the repeated attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of Algeria”, condemning “any position or any act that violates national sovereignty”. He insisted on “the consolidation of the internal front and the attachment to national cohesion in order to protect Algeria from threats and risks and complete and secure the national transition process with the contribution of everyone”.

“The EP should have published a resolution denouncing the terrorist threats hanging over our country and the Mediterranean basin in general due to the payment of ransoms and the release of terrorists, acts prohibited by international decisions”, added the same party.

For its part, the Sawt Echaab party (voice of the people) also condemned the content of the EP resolution, comprising “lies, defamation and a blatant attack against Algeria with the clear intention of interfering in its business under the guise of the defense of human rights “, expressing” its rejection “of this content and the erroneous periodic reports which attempt to undermine the determination of Algerian leaders and people to move forward towards building a State of institutions “.

The El-Islah Movement also expressed “its deep indignation and its categorical rejection” of the resolution issued by the EP, affirming that this resolution “serves traditional geopolitical agendas hostile to Algeria”. The content of this resolution “falls far short of obeying requirements for objectivity, which undermines its credibility and lays bare its aims which are far from innocence,” said the El Islah Movement.

A resolution which intervenes “in a situation marked by worrying regional and international developments, during which the positions of Algeria, through the declarations of its President, were reiterated with force in favor of the just causes in the world, including the main two causes, Palestine and Western Sahara, ”added the political party.

The movement castigated “the silence” of the EP on these two causes, “ignoring” the rights of peoples in the world and the plundering of their resources and the potential of their societies.

On the same subject, the Movement of National Agreement indicated that Algeria “does not need to receive lessons”, as its sacrifices during the glorious war of liberation and the efforts in the face of terrorism have earned it “a lively base to preserve and ensure individual and collective freedoms and rights “.

“The EP is once again dictating a series of warnings although it is blind and deaf to the dangerous violations of human rights committed here and there around the world, especially in Western Sahara and Palestine “.

Officially, Algeria, on Thursday, strongly condemned the “provocative” resolution issued by the European Parliament criticizing the situation of freedoms in Algeria.

The European Parliament on Thursday approved a resolution to express “deep concern over the human rights breaches and the lack of freedoms in Algeria,” as the country witnesses since Feb. 22 rallies demanding changes.

The resolution urges the Algerian government to “find a solution to the current (political) crisis based on a peaceful and open political path.”

The Algerian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the resolution, saying in a statement “the European Parliament boldly interfered in domestic affairs of Algeria.”

“The European members of parliament have showed disregard to Algerian laws,” said the ministry, warning that the North African nation is likely to “review its relations with all EU institutions.”

For its part, Algeria’s National People’s Assembly (lower house of parliament) reacted to the European Parliament’s resolution, saying it “comes at a time when Algerians are heading to the polls to choose a new president following peaceful movement.”

The resolution also “comes after the completion of the legal tools and organizational structures that guarantee the freedom, transparency and integrity of the electoral process in a democratic path that reflects the magnitude of change that Algeria is experiencing,” added the assembly.

It further deplored the position of the European Parliament and considered it a “flagrant melding in domestic affairs of Algeria and a provocation to the Algerian people”.

Meanwhile the Council of the Nation (the upper house of parliament) expressed its “categorical” rejection to “any interference from any body in the internal affairs of our country.”

The speaker of the council, Salah Goudjil, said in a statement that “we reject foreign agendas imposed on Algeria and hope that the Algerian people will give a lesson to the world through their strong participation in the presidential elections of Dec. 12.”


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